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Remembering ByGone Stitches
Remembering ByGone Stitches
by "The Girls of Stitching Pretty"

As stitchers our want to do in the attempt to heal from tragedy - the "Girls of Stitching Pretty" have taken some of the thoughts, ideas, sketches and partial charts left behind in Gail's stash and created an ongoing remembrance which will be published under "Remembering ByGone Stitches" copyright Stitching Pretty.
Remembering ByGone Stitches Designs
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Yes, Virginia

Christmas Heart

Quaker Patriotic - Respect

Three Sisters

Quaker Seasons Winter

Yes, Virginia
Yes, Virginia
"There is a Santa Claus, Thank, God!"
- from the Sun editorial in 1897, this
delightful rendition was finished from Gail's files.
Measures 160w x 180h, stitched in silhouette, a real treasure!

Quaker Patriotic - Courage

Honor, Respect, Courage

Quaker Seasons Summer

Quaker Seasons Autumn

Quaker Seasons Spring

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