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ByGone Stitches
ByGone Stitches
by gail reinhardt

Traditional reproduction samplers and traditional sampler style originals. Gail Reinhardt has been with Stitching Pretty since day one in 1989. She began designing in the 1990's because she couldn't help it! As Gail tells it, she woke up one morning with a verse in her head and decided to create a sampler around it. All excited she called to tell of "thoughts of stitches from long ago" and she hasn't stopped since! Inspired by Quaker pieces and the Ackworth collection but with a different twist, that is only Gail, she claimed her ground in the design industry with Quaker Christmas and Quaker Virtues
* Gail's designs, ByGone Stitches and Ruby Slipper Needlework Designs, are her legacy - the copyright is owned by Stitching Pretty Ltd, they will continue under copyright and they will continue to be printed and sold through Stitching Pretty Presents! on behalf of family and friends - thank you so much for the support!
ByGone Stitches Designs
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Quaker Virtues

Quaker Peace

For The Birds

Quaker Christmas 2

Old Samplers

One Nation

Quaker Christmas

Season Greetings

Threads of Friendship

Eloquent Christmas

Quaker Virtues
Quaker Virtues
Updated from the 2008 original. both colorways are included in the chart. The completed 2016 version is pictured using Gentle Art Sampler Threads. Design measures 400 stitches wide x 320 high.

Afternoon Tea

Sarah Skillman 1846

Christmas Sampler

Each Day

Stag Sampler

Good Woman


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